EANM Meetings

State Meeting

Tag the Dates for a Western Roundup of Fun Events and Workshops. Hosted by Roosevelt County October 19-21 2023 Registration due September 20

2023 EANM State Meeting Invite Schedule FINAL.pdf
2023 EANM State Meeting Registration Form FINAL.pdf

Mid Year Board

District I Registration.pdf

District 1

Hats Off to District 1 Meeting May 12th

El Buen Samaritano United Methodist Church 700 Granite NW, 87102

Registration $25 Due May 1st

District II Invitation 2023.docx

District 2

Plowing into the Future Meeting May 4th

Quay County Fair Barn

Registration $20 Due April 21st

District 3

District Meeting Reg. Form.pdf

District 4

Registration Due April 7th 

Registration & Luncheon $23

District Meeting April 21 & 22